Tim Cashion, DDS

General Dentistry in Sugar Land, TX

Tim Cashion, DDS

Tim Cashion, DDS, is a skilled and practiced Doctor of Dental Surgery specializing in General Dentistry. Dr. Cashion sees patients at C & C Dental, a premier general, cosmetic, and aesthetic dental practice in Sugar Land, Texas.

Led by Dr. Cashion and his wife Teresa Cody, DDS, the practice serves entire families, including children, men, and women in Sugar Land and the surrounding communities of Richmond, Houston, Missouri City, Rosenberg, Katy, Stafford, and Meadows Place, Texas.

Dr. Cashion first considered dentistry in elementary school. He remembers being teased for having spaces or gaps between his teeth. He knows what it’s like to feel self-conscious about your smile and the lack of confidence it can bring.

He asked his orthodontist about braces, but the orthodontist told Dr. Cashion his bite was acceptable and that he should talk to his dentist about a new procedure being done called bonding — this was the early 1980s. That decision changed his life.

Dr. Cashion had cosmetic bonding done to close the spaces and make a fuller smile and remembers the freedom it brought not to have to cover his teeth every time he smiled. His personal life experience and this single and monumental dental appointment cemented his decision to pursue dentistry as a career.

His goal is to develop the jaws to the proper size, align the teeth, and make room for the tongue, which improves breathing. Thus, not only is form improved appearance, but also functionality. 

Dr. Cashion’s knowledge and expertise benefit patients but also provide tremendous satisfaction. It is with compassion and gratitude that Dr. Cashion serves his patients. Providing the best care for each and every patient is what it’s all about.