Johanna – Office Manager

JohannaJohanna is our office manager and she keeps everything running smoothly. She also works as a dental assistant and has worked for C & C Dental for 12 years. She is happily married to Roland and she has one son, Jose. When Johanna is not working, she loves to shop and decorate her house. She also enjoys playing with her three dogs: Buster, Snoopy, and Oreo.


kerry-rhodesKerry has worked in the front office for C & C Dental for 20 years. She is a fellow Texas Aggie, just like Dr. Cashion. When Kerry is not working, she loves to go to operas and movies and travel around the world. Kerry also has a true fondness for birds and everything bird-like!


JennaJenna attended our Fall 2014 dental assistant course at ATS Sugar Land, and she has worked in our front office since graduating last November. Jenna is from Richmond, Texas, and graduated from Foster High School. She has a boyfriend named Javier, and they enjoy working out together. In her spare time, Jenna likes to hang out with friends and family, and going to see a good movie.