You Can Receive a Custom-Made Dental Crown From a Variety of Materials

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If you have decayed or damaged tooth enamel, your best option may be to receive a well-made dental crown. While you have a variety of options for dental crown material, we can help you select the most optimal material for your specific tooth.

For example, Dr. Teresa Cody may suggest a porcelain dental crown if you are looking to regain the natural appearance of your smile. We can custom shade the dental porcelain to the natural color of your tooth enamel to ensure the new dental crown blends with the rest of your teeth, providing a highly cosmetic option for your smile.

Another option is a dental crown fused to a metal core to enhance a damaged premolar or incisor that can be seen in your smile. This ensures that the tooth still has the strength it needs to bite off or chew your food.

Gold alloy or base metal alloy is often recommended for molars and premolars so that they are durable enough to chew up and grind food. Because these materials can’t be matched to the natural tooth enamel, they are not considered a cosmetic option but can be very strong.

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