The Shocking Truth About Energy Drinks

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You see them everywhere.  Red Bull, Monster, Full Throttle are a few of the popular brands of energy drinks.  This is the fastest growing beverage segment.   Thirty to fifty percent of American teens drink them.  But at what cost?  Most contain extremely high levels of caffeine and sugar, and are incredibly acidic.  A new study in the journal General Dentistry found that energy drinks contain so much acid that they start destroying tooth enamel after only 5 days of consistent drinks


The irony is many people believe these drinks are healthy!  Every time your child drinks one, they are literally bathing their teeth in acid.  Can you say caffeine?  One popular energy drink has (in one can!) the equivalent amount of caffeine as  9 cans of Coke.


Patients ask us all the time why their kids have cavities when they brush and we have products like fluoride to protect their teeth.  The answer for many, is energy drinks.  The ingredients are “the perfect storm” for causing tooth decay.  Give us a call at C&C Dental in Sugar Land at 281-242-0241, and let us correct the damage before it’s too late.