The three scariest words in the English language — root canal therapy. If you have infected dental pulp, a root canal in Sugar Land, Texas, may be needed to save the tooth.

Dr. Cashion, Dr. Cody, and our team have decided to rename it…it is just a very, very, very deep filling. You can look up online what the procedure is, but we want to promise a few things:

  • We promise we will only continue if you are completely and TOTALLY numb.
  • We promise you can watch a movie the whole time. There are televisions on the ceiling in every operatory.
  • We promise to have laughing gas in the office…NO Charge.
  • We promise to use the instant X-rays which make the whole procedure go faster. You probably won’t get to finish the movie. Sorry!
  • We promise you will want to tell all your friends how the very deep filling was no big deal!

We have been on both sides of the chair and know how it feels to be in that position. Very Deep Fillings or VDF, are No Big Deal— NBD! Want to learn more? Give C & C Dental a call today to schedule your consultation with one of our experienced dentists!