Why do some whitening techniques work on one person but then not on another? And then, when it does work, it doesn’t last very long. Some whitening gels cause so much sensitivity that you can’t even wear them long enough to get your teeth white.

Dr. Cashion is a great fact-finder and he looked at every whitening system on the market until he found the best one. He had three criteria the product had to meet: really whiten all teeth (not just young teeth), have a way to control the sensitivity, and cause the whiteness to last!

The best system he found is called AcquaBrite™ and it truly whitens even the darkest teeth. It even whitens tetracycline-discolored teeth, which were previously thought to be impossible to whiten.

How do you decrease sensitivity to the teeth?

One of the reasons Dr. Cashion chose this whitening system above all others was because he still wanted to reduce the sensitivity associated with whitening some patients’ teeth. In this kit, there is a formula that you paint on your teeth before you use the whitening trays that reduces sensitivity in most people. If you’ve put off whitening because you just couldn’t stand the sensitivity, it’s time to try again!

Here Are Some Great Before and After Pictures

Many patients want whiter teeth but don’t want them as white as a starched white shirt. Don’t worry; you can stop the procedure at any point. But many who are hesitant at first, find they love their teeth white and bright. White teeth look healthy and young. “I love mine”, says Dr. Cody. I had fairly white teeth until I had my second child. After Neal was born, I ended up with a gray band across my teeth. AcquaBrite whitening system was the only system that eliminated it. My only other alternative was expensive veneer porcelain coverings.

Of course I tried it so fast I didn’t take a before picture, but here is the after.


Here is a patient with very white natural teeth but she wanted them brighter. With minimal effort and a little maintenance, she will have whiter and brighter teeth for life.


We don’t recommend this, but this patient had to get a bridge for the front teeth and then whiten (we like to whiten first). But because AcquaBrite is so consistent, we had the confidence to accurately estimate the shade. Doesn’t she look great? And her son said she is smiling so much more.


Here is another case where the patient had fairly white teeth to start with but the whitening took the teeth up a notch. I like to call it “brightening,” not just whitening.


Even the darkest teeth get great results.


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