Oral Health Care Repertoire: Dental Floss

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Are you aware of the importance of dental floss and why it should be in every oral health care routine? Dental floss is an interdental cleaning tool designed to clean out the areas between your teeth. Due to the fact that plaque buildup can easily collect between your teeth, you will need an additional interdental tool to clean these areas. If you are looking for threaded dental floss, several products are available that can be used.

Regardless of the type of dental floss that you use, make sure it can clean between your teeth without causing recontamination. Not only should you make sure that you never use the same strand more than once, make sure to never use any section of a strand between more than one tooth. Also, make sure your dental floss is shred-resistant, so you can clean between every single tooth without the risk of floss failure. Typically, you should floss every day of your life for roughly two to three minutes per day. Make sure to floss between every single tooth and don’t forget the teeth in the back of your mouth. If you have any areas between teeth that your brush cannot reach, they will need to be effectively cleaned through the use of dental floss. For additional help with your oral health care, visit one of our skilled dentistss.

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