On your first visit, you will probably see one of our fantastic hygienists
and hygienist assistants.

Group hygene

You may always fill out your paperwork when you get here but if you want,
you can fill the necessary paperwork online.

New Patient Paperwork

If you are having an emergency, please call us right away. 281-242-0241 Do
not wait for your cleaning appointment. We always save time on the schedule
for dental emergencies. We know how bad teeth can hurt. Call 281-242-0241.
On weekends and after hours the doctors are available. Their cell phone
numbers are on the message.

Our philosophy is to tell you everything we see. But it is absolutely up to
you, what to do about it.

There is something really nice about “Ignorance is Bliss”. When it comes to
teeth, that attitude really leads to some bad outcomes.