New Technology Shows X-Rays in 3D

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Have you ever been to the dentist and you knew something was wrong with your tooth but when they took an x-ray they could not find anything? That is because an x-ray takes a 3-D object (ie. the tooth) and flattens it to 2 dimensions. Imagine you are looking at a coffee cup and you can only see one side. You never see the other side or look down into the cup. Now imagine a 3-D x-ray. There is no need to imagine anymore because we now have 3-D capability. Yes, we can see every side of the tooth. What a huge diagnostic difference! You no longer have to wait until you are in loads of pain to find out what is wrong.

3D xray image

Another huge advantage to this technology is in regards to implants.  Now we can see the bone in 3 dimensions before beginning any treatment.  With 2-D images, it often seemed like there was plenty of bone only to find out this was not the case.  No one likes surprises like that.  With this new 3-D capability, we can make implants more predictable than ever!

This truly is breakthrough technology with only 2% of dental offices in the U.S. having this equipment in office.  Most patients are sent to imaging centers.  C&C Dental is proud to be one of the few offices nationally to provide this valuable service.