Happy New Year- Anyone WITHOUT Dental Insurance

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Thank you all for making 2019 a great year. We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to help so many. For all of you who are going into 2020 without dental insurance or have really poor dental insurance, we wanted the chance to tell you about the Dental Savings Plan (DSP). The DSP is not an insurance substitute but is a savings plan specifically for C & C Dental.

Dental insurance is not really insurance in the true sense of the meaning of ‘insurance’. It is a subsidy plan that basically only big companies can afford to offer. It is practically impossible to get dental insurance as an individual policy. Hence, the reason we came up with a way to help our patients get the dental care they need and deserve. We recognize how dental health affects the health of the rest of the body and want our patients to have the BEST dental care and live a healthy life.

The DSP is a plan that gives you all the preventative dental procedures for less than half price. No excuse to not get your two cleanings a year.

The Dental Savings Plan includes:

-2 Preventive Cleanings/year
-1 Panorex X-ray per year
-7 Bitewing X-rays (cavity detecting X-rays)
-1 Oral Cancer screening per year
-A thorough dental Examination
-2 Fluoride Tooth Desensitizing Treatments
-Unlimited Individual X-Ray needed throughout the year
-1 CT (3D Imaging) Scan per year as needed
-15% OFF Additional Cleanings, Dental Sealants, Fillings, Oral Surgery, Root Canals
-10% OFF Crowns, Veneers, Gum Disease Treatments, Dentures, Partials, Implants
-$500 OFF Invisalign® (invisible braces)
-Free Whitening (1 set of trays per life and 1 tube of whitening gel per year)

All for $299 for Adults and $25/month!

*Call for pricing for Children and dependents

Achieve significant savings and get the dental care you need and want.

Call 281-242-0241 for more details!