Everyone knows getting their teeth cleaned on a regular basis is one of the most important procedures for overall health. However, 50% of Americans do not go to the dentist regularly. Why? Most blame it on cost!

We have a solution. A dental savings plan for you and your whole family!


How does it work?

There is a one-time setup fee for each person who signs up and a small monthly fee.



Cost to Sign Up


ADULT $399  Now $299 REG. $672  Savings $373
CHILD 0 TO 6 YEARS $199  Now $99 REG. $283  Savings $184
CHILD 7 TO 14 YEARS $249  Now $149 REG. $443  Savings $294
DEPENDENT 15 TO 26 YEARS $299  Now $199 REG. $569  Savings $370


Monthly Fee

Cost to Sign Up

ADULT $50  Now $25
CHILD 0 TO 6 YEARS $20  Now $10
CHILD 7 TO 14 YEARS $30  Now $15
DEPENDENT 15 TO 26 YEARS $40  Now $20


Dental Savings Plan Includes:

  •  1 Exam per year
  •  Unlimited Emergency Exams
  •  2 Cleanings (non-periodontal based)
  •  1 Oral Cancer Screening per year
  •  2 Fluoride Tooth Desensitizing Treatments
  •  7 Bitewing X-Rays (cavity detecting X-ray)
  •  Unlimited Individual X-Ray needed throughout the year
  •  1 Panorex X-Ray per year
If we stopped here, you would have a value of $675 for only $299 or less.
But there are more savings:
  •  1 CT (3D imaging) Scan per year [$552 Value]
  •  15% OFF Additional Cleanings, Dental Sealants, Fillings, Oral Surgery, Root Canals
  •  10% OFF Crowns, Veneers, Periodontics, Dentures, Partials, Implants
  •  $500 OFF Invisalign® (Invisible Braces)
  •  Free Whitening (1 set of trays and 1 tube of whitening gel per year)
  •  You and your family can achieve significant savings and get the dental care you need and want. Sign up today! 281-201-4332


These reduced rates are guaranteed for a short time. Call our office today to sign up and schedule a visit with our dentist in Sugar Land, Texas, Drs. Cashion and Cody.


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