Do You Need Digestive Enzymes?

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Poor digestion is one of the biggest health issues that American people face.  This is not just caused by what we eat, but by how we eat as well.  We are typically so busy that we rush through every meal. We eat while we are distracted doing other things: driving, watching television, working…. and we chew so poorly that we may as well swallow it whole.

Did you know that digestion actually begins in your mouth?  Once the food is chewed, it mixes with our saliva, which is 95.5% water, but has some digestive enzymes in the remaining .5%.  We also have digestive enzymes in our stomach and pancreas that aid in our digestion.  Where do we get these digestive enzymes?  Most come from our food, and our bodies produce some on their own.  However, due to soil depletion, herbacides, processing and preservatives, most of the enzymes in our food are destroyed.

Don’t worry though… can supplement!  Why would you do that?  Well, because these digestive enzymes do lots more than just help with digesting your food.  They also eliminate toxins, boost your energy level, act as a natural antacid and aid in nutrient absorption.  If you are looking for a product to help aid in your digestion, we suggest Oxyfresh Digestive Enzymes.  You can find it at