Do You Have Dental Anxiety?

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According to Wikipedia, it is estimated that as many as 75% of US adults experience some degree of dental fear. Many of these people feel the need to be sedated in order to see their dentist. If you have any amount of dental anxiety, you will want to experience the new Chill N Go System at C&C Dental.

In 3 minutes, 3 easy and safe natural elements will calm down, even eliminate your anxiety. As a matter of fact, the MORE anxious you are the BETTER it works.

First, you take a natural supplement that naturally relaxes you…..but you can still drive yourself home. ALL of us have this supplement naturally in our bodies.

Second, you wear headphones that play sounds that encourage the brain into a meditative state. It is not music but sounds that induce relaxation by changing the brainwaves.

Third, you activate the gentle massage that is built into the dental chair… you might see at the nail salons. It enhances the headphone sounds to induce meditation and further relax you.

The combination of these 3 things reduces anxiety in 3 minutes. Finally, there is something natural that truly helps anxiety, and you don’t have to take any drugs or feel that ‘drugged’ feeling afterward. Your first experience of this new Chill N Go System is FREE and only offered at C&C Dental. Call us at 281-242-0241 and make your dental fear go away today!


New Chill N Go System (patent pending)