Did You Know…..There Might Be Plastic In Your Toothpaste?

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If your toothpaste looks like this…..PeasizedTPasteit probably has PLASTIC in it!!

I came across a blog post on dentalbuzz.com that was written by a hygienist and a mom because she wondered what the little blue specks were in her daughters toothpaste.  She had heard that there was plastic (polyethylene) in some toothpastes, so she did her own home experiment.  If you use Crest toothpaste and it has these little blue specks…..then you are brushing with tiny bits of plastic…..the same stuff they make plastic trash cans out of.  YUCK!!    Read her blog and see what you think.


 These little bits of plastic do NOT dissolve in water….nor do they dissolve in household products.  It is an inert substance, which according to wikipedia, means “to be in a state of doing little or nothing”.  It is not chemically reactive.  So….if you are brushing with this, it won’t dissolve in your mouth.  In fact, as a hygienist, the author states she sees these little blue specks a LOT in the mouths of her patients lodged in their sulcus (channels along gumline). The author is not saying this is causing gum problems, but…..do you WANT plastic in your gums?

The official Crest website states that these little beads of plastic are added purely for color. They serve no other purpose!  The author lists some suggestions for those consumers who are unhappy about this.  I don’t know about you….but I am going to try Colgate!