Can The Dentist Help With Cold Sores?

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A cold sore or fever blister is one of the most painful conditions, and for years there was no real treatment. You were just forced to wait it out. Recently Drs. Cashion and Cody have had tremendous success with 2 treatments: one treatment involves a chemical curing and the other is a laser treatment of the cold sore.

Wouldn’t you like to shorten the duration of your outbreak?  Instead or 7 days of pain, why not cut it down to 2!

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Additional information:

If the cold sores are caused by herpes virus, it may be something you’re eating. There are dietary changes you can make that will decrease the number of outbreaks.
The herpes virus feeds off of an amino acid called arginine. Eating large quantities of foods that contain this amino acid can promote outbreaks. The foods that really should be avoided are: chocolate, whole wheat bread, popcorn, and nuts. This may help you control the outbreak of cold sores.