What Is Plaque And What Does It Do?

Plaque is an insidious substance…..a colorless, sticky film that blankets your teeth, creating an environment in which bacteria erode tooth enamel, cause gum irritation, cause infection in inner structures such as pulp and the roots, and in extreme cases, cause tooth loss. Some of the biggest culprits causing plaque are foods rich in sugar and… Read more »

Funny Dental Cartoon!

                    Just thought you all could use a little dental humor mid-week.  Enjoy!

The Shocking Truth About Energy Drinks

  You see them everywhere.  Red Bull, Monster, Full Throttle are a few of the popular brands of energy drinks.  This is the fastest growing beverage segment.   Thirty to fifty percent of American teens drink them.  But at what cost?  Most contain extremely high levels of caffeine and sugar, and are incredibly acidic.  A new… Read more »

Did you know there’s a link between diabetes and gum disease?

As everyone knows, there are many complications with diabetes. One of them is that people with diabetes are more likely to have gum disease than people without diabetes. One reason is they are more susceptible to contracting infections. And, gum disease is exactly that, an infection. In fact, periodontal disease is often considered the sixth… Read more »

Hello Everyone!

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