Be Sure to Brush and Floss Your New Dental Work

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Dental crowns and dental bridges represent a significant investment in restoring or replacing a significantly compromised tooth. They are typically constructed from special dental materials that will are not vulnerable to tooth decay. However, your dental work will still need to be included in your daily oral hygiene routine.

If you sometimes forget to brush your teeth each morning and evening or you are frequently reticent to floss at least once each day, bacterial deposits and plaque could harden into tartar near the gumline. As it persists the constant bacterial deposits could lead to increasing problems with gum disease.

Over time the chronic form of periodontitis could cause your gumline to recede from the base of your teeth, which could cause small pockets of infection to pool near the roots of your teeth. In time to could start to affect the abutments that anchor your dental bridge or dental crowns in place.

Having a dental checkup performed twice a year at C & C Dental will help you maintain a healthy mouth. The appointment also includes a professional dental cleaning which will fully remove all traces of tartar. If our dentist identifies an area of concern he can help you understand your treatment or preventive care options.

If you are in the Sugar Land, Texas, area and you have questions or oral hygiene concerns you should call 281-201-4332 to schedule a dental checkup with Dr. Teresa Cody.