A Patient Says “THANK YOU” To Dr. Menning!

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Erin and Dr. Menning

A young patient of ours, Erin Thompson, gives Dr. Menning a hug and says THANK YOU for advising her to have her tonsils checked due to their enlarged size.

See letter below from Erin’s mother:

“My daughter and I absolutely LOVE the C&C Dental family!!!!  We are especially grateful to Dr. Menning for literally saving Erin’s life!!!  Erin (my daughter) went in for  a routine visit and was advised by Dr. Menning to see an Ear, Nose, Throat specialist, due to the size of her tonsils, which were severely enlarged.  Had it not been for Dr. Menning showing compassion for Erin, and going above and beyond her duties as a dentist, this could have turned into a disaster.  Over the years, Erin has had numerous episodes of strep throat, sore throat and even had to have 911 called once because she could not breathe.  As a result of Dr. Menning’s recommendation, Erin did visit an ENT, who agreed with Dr. Menning.  Erin had her tonsils removed soon after.  We are eternally grateful to you, Dr. Menning!  And, we absolutely LOVE the entire C&C family!  We have never experienced such professionalism, compassion and friendliness, as when we visit C&C.  You all are amazing!  We were referred to you by Damon Cross, and he was spot on in his recommendation.  Thanks Damon!